How To Market Your App With CPI Campaigns

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Are you an app developer?
If yes, one question which you would be facing right now is how to market your app? The number of apps in the iOS and android app store is growing day by day. That is why; it is becoming more and more challenging to gain traction for your app. It does not matter if you’re an experienced developer or developing your first app; marketing your app is always an uphill task.
We will share with you a guide that will highlight four different ways in which you can market your app. In the end, we will also help you understand which one of these four is the best.
1. CPI service:
The fastest method which you can use is to opt for a CPI service. CPI is the abbreviation for cost per install. These services will help you get installs for your app. Since you will be paying on a per install basis, you will get value for money deals. The advantage of opting for a reputed service is that it can provide you with
complete control over the marketing process. Most of these services have CPI app, which means that you can order right from your smartphone. Some of the advantages which they have on offer are:
• Scalability
• Easy ordering process
• Transparent stats
• Faster delivery
• Genuine installs
Thus, when you want to market your app and spread the word around, rather than trying any other method which will take months together, it better to go with the CPI service. It will make it easy for you to kick start the growth of your app.

2. Social media:
The next option which you have is to spread the word out about your app on social media. There are numerous social media platforms like
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
• LinkedIn
You can utilize these platforms to spread the word out about your app. It is a gradual process that involves joining groups as well as discussions revolving around the applications of your app. If you scale it up too quickly, your account, as well as the app, might be flagged as spam. That is why; you have to take it slow when it comes to social media. One thing which you need to keep in mind is that the attention span of the users on social media is on the lower side. Due to this very reason, the conversion rate might be low. However, if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can get some installs.
3. Content marketing:
Content marketing is in the trend these days. Content marketing involves creating content in any form like in
infographics, images, blog posts, which is worthy of going viral. Once you create the content, your job is not done. You need to work hard to market that content. You have to approach influencers as well as authority sites and individuals in your niche to share the content.
When it comes to marketing your app with the help of content marketing, you will need to amalgamate the idea of your app into the content to get some installs. Sure enough, it is not an easy method, but if you can create worthy content, your app can certainly gain traction.
4. Video Marketing:
The last method which you can use to spread the word out about your app is through video marketing. You might be wondering, how can you make your app popular through video marketing?
Demonstrating is one of the best ways to make your app popular. With the help of videos, you can explain the working of your app. Due to this very reason, you should not discount video marketing as unsuitable for your app promotion.

You need to remember that instead of just directly creating videos of your app, you have to highlight the applications of the app and what it can do. Only once you do so, you will get proper traction.
YouTube is one of the largest video marketing platforms, and therefore, you should not shy away from marketing your app through videos. Video marketing can help you gain some installs over time. The only problem is that if you want to increase installs at a faster pace or in a relatively short time, video marketing might not be for you.
Now that you are aware of the four marketing methods which you can use for your app, the question which you might have is, which one is best among them all?
The answer is undoubtedly the CPI service. The CPI service provides you with complete control over the marketing campaign of your app. You can decide the pace at which you get the installs and even the type of audience to install your app. Also, the retention rate is higher than average when it comes to CPI services as well. Moreover, it is entirely scalable, which ensures that in the future, you can ramp up your campaign quickly.
So, if you’re looking to market your app, you can utilize these four methods. If you want to go for the best approach, it is better to opt for a legit CPI service, which can attract users to your app almost overnight.

How to Make Money With Cryptocurrencies? – Get A Crypto Alerts App

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Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm. However, many consumers still have no idea regarding how they can ride this wave and make money with cryptocurrencies.
The good news is that, to make money in the cryptocurrency industry, you do not need any technical knowledge. Nor, you need to go into the details of the working of the cryptocurrency. You can make money from cryptocurrencies being outside, as well.

Yes, you read that right. We will now share with you a simple way to make money from cryptocurrencies. We will highlight below a step-by-step procedure through which you can do so.

Step 1: Register on a reputed exchange:
The first thing which you need to accomplish is to sign up on a reputed cryptocurrency exchange. Rather
than going with the first cryptocurrency exchange, which you find, it is a good idea to go with a reputed name. Some of the cryptocurrency exchanges which you can go with are:
• Kraken
• Coinbase
• Gemini
• Binance
• OkEx
You have to choose between one of these exchanges. Most of them offer you multiple cryptocurrencies to trade. That is why the only criterion which you need to consider is whether it allows members from your country or not. Once you sign up, you would have to submit an ID proof, and you can start trading.
Step 2: Fund your account:
The next step which you need to fulfill is to fund your account. These cryptocurrency exchanges offer you multiple ways to fund your account. Most of them offer wire transfers, credit card funding, and other such methods. You have to decide the amount of money with which you want to trade. Once you fund your account, you can trade in a jiffy.

Step 3: Subscribe to a reliable crypto alerts service:
You might be thinking, how can you trade in cryptocurrencies when you do not know anything about them?
Well, the answer is to subscribe to a reliable crypto alert service. If you do not know what crypto alert services are, it provides you with buy-sell signals as they occur. It means that you need not manually read the charts or understand the fundamentals of the cryptocurrency to trade. You need to subscribe to a reputed crypto alerts service.

However, how can you find such a reliable service?

It is a good idea to go with a service like, which can provide you alerts for multiple cryptocurrencies directly on your smartphone. Instead of experimenting with different crypto alert services, you should subscribe to such a reliable service and get crypto alerts right on your smartphone.
The advantage of getting alerts on your smartphone is that you can trade on the go. Most cryptocurrency exchanges allow you to trade through your smartphone. It means that you need not switch to your computer or tablet.

Step 4: Trade with proper money management principles:
Now that you are familiar with the process of making money from cryptocurrencies, it is essential to follow a few other tips. Without proper money management, even with the best crypto alerts services, you will lose money. We will highlight these tips below, which will help you understand how to avoid the most common mistakes when trading in cryptocurrencies. The tips that will help you trade successfully are:
• You should not put more than 5% of your entire corpus in a single trade.
• You should not skip trades at will. If you are trading in a couple of cryptocurrencies, you need to trade consistently in them whenever there is an alert.
• You should not opt for leverage trading right at the start.
• You should always input a target and stop-loss for every trade. It will help you minimize your losses and close your trades in time to book profits.
• You should not panic and let the trade play out rather than closing it manually.
• You have to choose an exchange which has lower spreads.
• You should not modify the trading system by going with your guts or trading emotionally.
You only need to follow the alerts by your subscribed alerts service. Once you do so, irrespective of whether you know about cryptocurrencies or not, you can trade in them and also make money from them.
So, are you looking to create an additional income stream?
If yes, trading in cryptocurrencies can help you do so. However, instead of trying to build your trading system, which can take months or years, it is better to get crypto alerts. Once you subscribe to reliable service, it will become easy for you to trade successfully in cryptocurrencies. You can do so without spending hours each day staring at the computer screen or reading the charts.

Working Cheats For Summoners War

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To be honest, Summoners War is 100% RNG based. RNG remains for irregular number generator. This means that everything that happens in the game is completely arbitrary. It’s not surprising that people are longing to find tips and tricks in Summoners War. That’s where we should become real, depending on creature summons, with the expectation of getting a solid beast, is not to your greatest advantage.

Honestly, your chances of actually summoning a natural 5 or even a natural 4 creature just do not look very good. Your fortune is exactly in the same class as the game modified. I’m not saying it’s absolutely difficult to obtain a Natural 4-5 by summoning. You should get something at some point. Anyway, while you work your way through the game. Also, hold on, so that your fortune comes through. How about we make your chance advantageous?

While there’s no real way to beat the calculation of the game, you’ll be participating in an authentic Summoners war cheat. No, it’s not the kind you’re probably looking for. These tips and tricks in Summoners War are just a kind of guide to help you shine normally in the game. Check out my own tips to level up, win gems, and improve your overall gaming background. There is so much that I could share and share, so that’s just the main blow.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Summoners War

Register daily

Perhaps the most basic piece of advice I could give you is to continue to log and never fail to do so. There is a reward for every day when you sign up. This reward shows signs of improvement as the days progress. Signing up for a month without shortening will give you an extraordinary blessing. The Light and Darkness Scroll is by far the biggest reward you can get for a month of logins. There are also missions every day. The reward for completing each mission is different, though the completion of everything yields 10 crystals.

Joining the Summoner War is a decent way to receive rewards and overwhelming blessings. You can get everything you see above simply by tagging for 24 days.


Participate in field battles, soar through the positions for more rewards. The field combat data is reset on a week-by-week basis. With only 1100 focal points you could win up to 30 gems. The reward you get increases the higher the position you achieve. In the meantime, allocate the best creatures you need to protect you in the field. The higher your field level becomes, the more your attackers will be grounded. So be as good as possible.


One tip that I found useful is to clarify the battlegrounds by difficulty level. This will enable you to gain understanding and to prepare for battles with greater difficulty. It also spares your vitality by not giving up fighting that you can not win now. The rewards may look tempting, but it will not be good to participate if you’re not going to be successful.
use summoners war cheat to win more missions

The Best Sorcerer Build For ESO

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Developing a good, functional build in Elder Scrolls Online can be somewhat of a challenging task. Unlike some MMOs ESO gives players multiple paths for each of the classes making builds highly customizable. Couple that with the fact that you can also use any weapon or armor on any character and you’ve got a large range of possibilities. For some players that can be a bit excessive.

For anyone that don’t know, you can find skill calculators on the net that will allow anyone to play around with a class to determine what a good build would be. The best one is the only one offered by ESOhead, its the best tool for creating and testing out builds for any type of character. While ESOhead will help you design builds for The Elder Scrolls Online you will still need to do TONS of testing in game before you will find really good builds for your character.

This is a great tool that will provide the freedom to get a look at what you’ll gain access to at each level, decide what skills you’ll choose to unlock and upgrade, and loads more. It’s yet another good way to share your Elder Scrolls Online build with other individuals. Simply create your build then click on the ‘Link’ button to obtain a link you’ll be able to share with friends to display your build.

From what I have seen ESO Mastery Guides has the best ESO Sorc DPS build for trials and endgame dungeons. If you are looking for an amazing Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer Build Guide then I would highly recommend taking a look at the ESO Mastery Guides, even I use the eso sorcerer build they created. They even have sorc builds for all playstyles including:

  • PvE DPS
  • PvP DPS
  • Endgame Trials & Dungeons
  • Tanking
  • Healing

The Best Templar & Nightblade Build For ESO

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Creating a good, functional build in Elder Scrolls Online will be somewhat of an intimidating task. Unlike some MMOs ESO gives players multiple paths for each of the classes making builds highly customizable. Couple that with the fact that you can also use any weapon or armor on any character and you’ve got a huge range of possibilities. For several players that can be a bit too much.

Checkout my favorite: eso templar builds

For anybody that don’t know, you will find skill calculators online which will allow someone to play around with a class to determine just what a good build will be. The very best one is the only one offered by ESOhead. It offers a chance to pick a class, set the character level, and try out the attribute points, active abilities, passive abilities, buffs, plus more to find out how they come together. ESOhead is run by the same people that created WoWhead so you can expect great new content and features to come very soon.

This is a great tool which will provide the freedom to get a look at what you’ll get access to at every level, decide what abilities you’ll choose to unlock and upgrade, see whether you’d rather drop points in Stamina, Magicka, or Health, and loads more. It’s yet another great way to share your Elder Scrolls Online build with other individuals. Simply develop your build and after that hit the ‘Link’ button to get a link you could share with friends to show off your build. I have used it to create my Nightblade PvP build for ESO, also I used it to make my ESO Templar tank build.

ESO Mastery Guides has provided some of the best ESO builds for each class that we’ve come across. For each and every class they have listed various build types including leveling builds, dungeon builds, PvP builds, general PvE builds, plus more. In this way you’ve got a lot from which to choose and can try them out as you progress your character to find out what ones are the most effective for your personal playing style. They also updates there website with new builds for every single class all the time to keep up with all the changes to the Elder Scrolls Online. If your looking for the best nightblade build eso then you must check them out!